Fine Diamond Ring - Nelson

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Stone Type
Center Stone
Side Stone
Product Features
Metal Tone
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  1. R19-030853
    1.42ct Diamond (12pcs)
  2. R19-035855
    0.50ct Diamond (16pcs)
  3. R19-040195
    0.76ct Diamond (33pcs)
  4. R19-040580
    0.50ct Diamond (63pcs)
  5. R19-040800
    0.47ct Diamond (24pcs)
  6. R19-041713
    0.98ct Diamond (174pcs)
  7. R19-041950
    0.33ct Diamond (64pcs)
  8. R19-042076
    1.22ct Diamond (53pcs)
  9. R19-042125
    2.24ct Diamond (133pcs)
  10. R19-042136
    0.87ct Diamond (160pcs)
  11. R19-042236
    2.45ct Diamond (256pcs)
  12. R19-042280
    0.19ct Diamond (32pcs)
  13. R19-042284
    1.93ct Diamond (45pcs)
  14. R19-042298
    0.42ct Diamond (27pcs)
  15. R19-042336
    0.25ct Diamond (6pcs)
  16. R19-042356
    0.54ct Diamond (5pcs)
  17. R19-042992
    1.21ct Diamond (102pcs)
  18. R19-043091
    1.16ct Diamond (97pcs)
  19. R19-043134
    0.44ct Diamond (50pcs)
  20. R19-060134
    3.23ct Diamond (190pcs)
Showing 20 of 64
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