Fine Necklace - Nelson

fine jewellery

Stone Type
Center Stone
Side Stone
Product Features
Metal Tone
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  1. N11-084646
    1.42ct Diamond (16pcs)
  2. N11-093762
    22.04ct Diamond (651pcs)
  3. N11-093764
    21.36ct Diamond (341pcs)
  4. N11-107984
    20.93ct Diamond (134pcs)
  5. N11-108203
    10.91ct Diamond (191pcs)
  6. N11-109308
    0.09ct Diamond (11pcs) Semi-mount for 1.05ct Round Center (2pcs)
  7. N11-110824
    2.62ct Diamond (88pcs)
  8. N11-111491
    16.45ct Diamond (391pcs)
  9. N11-112164
    21.40ct Diamond (137pcs)
  10. N11-114938
    31.44ct Diamond (160pcs)
  11. N11-123453
    2.71ct Diamond (16pcs)
  12. N11-124193
    2.50ct Diamond (65pcs)
  13. N11-132040
    6.69ct Diamond (540pcs)
  14. N31-111853
    4.11ct Sapphire (1pc) 8.61ct Diamond (193pcs)
Showing 14 of 14
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