Collaborative - Nelson

Collaborative Partnership

Nelson Jewellery firmly believes that our achievements rely on the success of our suppliers and customers. By providing consistent and well made products backed by a customer-centric culture, we foster a strong and promising partnership for multilateral advancement in the industry.

Mutual Business Development

Our operations follow strict International Standards such as the ISO 9001:2000 certification as well as BSCI monitoring system standards. Following the emergence of synthetics, we have purchased and employed over a dozen synthetic detection machineries to ensure our customers can be at ease that their products are purely natural. In particular, we have added DeBeers IIDGR’s Automated Melee Screening (AMS2) and SYNTHdetect in our purchasing and quality screening process to provide extra assurance.

Reliable Manufacturing Standards

We understand business is about co-creation of values. That is why our teams work closely with the different stakeholders of the total supply chain to ensure our products and services enable our customers to achieve their goals.

Customer First Service

As one of the only few remaining manufacturers to have robust production capabilities in Hong Kong, we can attend to our customers’ peculiar needs and product repairs effectively. We are committed to partner with the most discerning customers globally who demand and deserve the highest level of service quality.

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